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Mike “Triggz” Ramos & Anthony “Ant” Ramos are brothers who were born and raised in San Francisco. Growing up, their passion for art was evident; ranging from drawing, script, airbrushing, graffiti and painting. Mike was even fortunate enough to take part in painting murals in a couple SF neighborhoods.


Growing up, they spent a lot of time around the family tattoo business. Their uncle co-owned a tattoo shop that was located in the Mission District for over two decades. Naturally, their love for the art of tattooing began to blossom. When they became of age, Anthony & Mike were both apprenticed under their Uncle and Dad, and worked at the family tattoo business for many years.


With each tattoo they incorporate what the client is looking for, while adding their personal twist, and creating a custom masterpiece. They take pride in each piece they do. With their limitless talent, love for art and their drive to succeed, it was only a matter of time until they opened up a tattoo shop of their own. This is Mike and Ant’s dream, hence the name, Street Dreams Tattoo Studio. We are also excited to announce an addition to our Street Dreams family, Jose Lecue & Ramon Reyes. 


Thanks for your love and support!

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  • Remove the dressing after a minimum of one hour. You do not need to re-bandage.

  • Wash the tattoo gently with anti-bacterial soap and warm water.

  • Pat / Dab to dry the tattoo gently.

  • Apply a small amount of unscented lotion over the entire tattoo, 2-3X a day, until fully healed (4-6weeks).

  • You will most likely develop a protective scab. Do not pick or scratch at the scab, even if it itches. The entire thing will fall off on its own. This is imperative to protect the color and design.

  • You may take a short shower with your new tattoo, but don’t soak the tattoo for too long in any kind of water. This means no baths, hot tubs or swimming.

  • Avoid exposing your new tattoo to sunlight as much as possible, but especially during the healing process.

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1796 San Jose Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94122

Tel: 415-825-5318

Hours: Mon - Sat: 12pm - 9pm

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